Friday, 21 June 2013

Add Poll in Blogger Post

Something or the other experiments will be going on when we start up our own blogs. So here is one of the question how to add blogger poll widget to blogger post. This idea was itching in my mind. I started searching for this. I got some information about how to add poll in blogger post?
Method One: 

1. You can select the poll widget and make it visible in blogger blog as sidebar widget.

2. You can copy the codes from html editor in template editor page and find "<iframe allowtransparency " and get the code and copy it into your posts. This is not as said. You should have some knowledge how to add the code if not you get the error. 

Method Two: 

1. You can create a post after that you can create the poll from the third party websites which gives services for poll. Once created. Add this to your post. 

2. You can delete the poll if you don't require.

If you have any other method you can share with me.